a small person with a big opinion,
18 years of age and loving every moment of it
& a spiritual Christian ;)

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"Last night I had a conversation with someone i think might actually like me .. & as i was laughing and smiling I stopped , i became very silent . I stared into space and then at the ground . I felt ungrateful because for once i wasn’t crying , for once in a very long time things were ok , just for a few seconds but i wanted it to be you i was speaking to. I wanted it to be you who made me blush ,who made me happy . & It scares me to know that one day i may find someone who gives me their all and treats me how i should be treated but deep in my heart i may always want it to be you ..Me & you .But right then and there i realized it will probably never be us again , and i’m trying my hardest to pretend to be okay with that .."
- (via italyfnf)